Investing in fibreglass pool installation isn’t as simple as building a pool and diving in when it’s all done. There are decisions to make, from fibreglass pool design to colour choice and landscaping. One of the things most people don’t give a second thought to until late in the game is water choice. 

At Aquify Pools, we’re fibreglass swimming pool experts, from design and fabrication to site excavation and installation. We’re more than happy to advise you on water options and the pros and cons of each. 

Chlorine vs. Saltwater Pools


Chlorine water is the most common choice; most people believe it’s the only option. That’s because most pool experiences involve chlorinated water, whether it’s a public one or in your friend’s backyard. 

Chlorine is a great choice for combating contaminants, from sweat and sunscreen to dirt and urine. The chemical reaction chlorine has with contaminants is what sanitises the water. Chlorine kills bacteria, which is why it’s such a popular choice. It’s traditionally viewed as the cheapest choice, but there’s also saltwater, mineral, and freshwater to choose from. 

That’s a lot of positives to choosing chlorinated water, but there are also negatives. Chlorine can have a negative reaction to skin allergies, asthma, and eye irritation.


Saltwater is the direct competitor to chlorine; it isn’t the same as the saltwater in the sea and still contains chlorine.

Salt replaces most of the chlorine in this system, but chlorine is still present. Rather than add more chlorine, you add pool salt, which creates chlorine when interacting with the natural salt in the water. So, it works the same as a chlorinated pool with fewer chemicals, which is the biggest bonus. The water also feels softer due to fewer chemicals. 

Mineral Pools

Mineral pools have been steadily growing in popularity across the country, and one of the reasons for that is they’re a healthy alternative. The water is maintained by adding minerals to keep it algae and bacteria-free. Choosing a mineral pool can halve your chlorine usage. Some sanitation systems, however, eliminate the need for chlorine entirely. 

The water quality in a mineral pool is much higher and softer. It’s less likely to cause eye and skin irritation or respiratory issues. Easy on the skin, mineral pools soothe aches and pains and contribute to a deeper state of relaxation. 

Freshwater Pools – Aquify Pools Choice 

As experts in pool construction and maintenance, our ultimate recommendation is a freshwater pool. 

Freshwater requires less maintenance, and it’s the more cost-effective option. It’s also the most eco-friendly choice. Whether you’re looking at fibreglass plunge pools, lap pools or any type of fibreglass inground pools, you have to consider the cost of ongoing maintenance when you make the decision to install a swimming pool.

A freshwater pool utilises an advanced filtration system to maintain your water quality. 

With it, you can enjoy the slick feel of fresh water against your skin without the risk of red eyes. You don’t need to worry about smelling like chlorine or invest in creams and lotions to combat skin irritation. 

Freshwater is the healthy choice for your family and the environment, delivering lower running costs. 

This filtration system is equipped with a digital timer, so you can perfectly customise your cleaning to minimise costs and maximise water quality. As many as 30% of Australians have some form of skin complaint, and a freshwater pool is a great way to help combat irritation. 

This all-natural option is also good news for those with respiratory conditions, as chlorine can often trigger issues with asthma. 

Believe it or not, you can save hundreds of dollars by opting for fresh water. Not only does the filtration system work hard without costing a fortune, but you can also repurpose your pool water for plants and other tasks around the house. 

At Aquify Pools, we’re dedicated to delivering what our customers want; as experts in freshwater pool technology who are committed to sustainability, we passionately believe in the power of freshwater and how it can transform your pool experience!

Final Thoughts

While there are plenty of water options for your new fibreglass swimming pool, there’s only one that’s right for you. Whatever your choice, we’re happy to deliver. 

Whether you’re investing in a brand new fibreglass lap pool or renovating an existing fibreglass pool, the type of water you choose plays a major role in maintaining your pool properly. So, it’s something you should consider when factoring in the fibreglass pool costs. 

As your local, reliable fibreglass pool company, we’d be happy to walk you through your design options, water choices, and more. As accredited freshwater specialists, we’re passionate about our freshwater system – it contains fewer chemicals than tap water! That being said, we’re happy to provide salt sanitation and mineral pools. 

Whatever your decision, we can cater to all your fibreglass swimming pool needs. Contact Aquify Pools fibreglass pool builders to get the ball rolling!