If you’re considering installing a fibreglass swimming pool, you may be interested in a behind-the-scenes look at the Aquify Pools process! Our team is passionate, and we love making dreams come true. A swimming pool is a major investment, and it’s exciting to watch it unfold as your dream finally becomes a reality with a stunning swimming pool for the entire family to enjoy. 

The Design Stage 

The first step is a meeting with the Aquify Pools team. The design consultant will work with you to determine the right location for your fibreglass swimming pool and show you a variety of designs that may suit your yard based on size and shape. Alternatively, you can give our designer an idea as to what type of style and design you’re interested in, and we can show you your options based on your preferences. 

We can discuss round fibreglass pools, fibreglass lap pools, fibreglass inground pools, and plunge pool pricing. 

Building a Pool: Applications, Approvals, Excavation 

At this stage, we take the lead – you don’t need to worry about applications or permits; our dedicated team will ensure your design is approved and arrange the next steps. 

It goes beyond installing swimming pool approvals and permits; this stage is also useful for landscape discussions. New fibreglass pools are a great opportunity to reimagine the entirety of your yard, including the fencing NSW regulations require around pools, concrete, paving, and plants. 

Once everything is approved, the excavation process can begin. Every project has an active and involved manager who will work with the excavation team to arrange times and schedules and manage the process so the site is ready for the shell to be delivered. 

Fibreglass Pool Installation 

The installation is the most exciting part of the process for new pool owners. 

In addition to a professional team of installers, the installation team also includes a manager and supervisor who oversee the process to ensure the installation is handled with care and adheres to all the relevant regulations. 

Once the shell has been installed, our concreting team will fill in the area so the pool is prepared for the paving stage. 

While the speed of the process depends on the approvals process, we typically begin work within eight weeks of discussing project details. The site’s condition also influences the speed of the process as further excavation slows things down. 

We’re proud to have the industry’s best lead times. Once onsite, the installation process is typically completed within two weeks. 

With over 16 years of experience, Aquify Pools has handled over 2000 installations. Our team is made up of industry experts who are passionate about the job we do; we don’t subcontract – everyone who works on your project is a direct Aquify Pools employee so we can control the timing of your project and the quality. Our goal is to deliver the best possible experience for every client. 

Our vast experience means we have handled a wide range of tricky sites, and we won’t say no to your project unless it’s impossible. In the past, our team has completed excavations by hand; we have enlisted barges, helicopters and 200t all-terrain cranes to deliver shells; we’ve even installed our share of roof-top pools. 

If you’ve reached out to other pool builders in the past and they’ve turned you down, it’s worth discussing with us to determine whether we can make your swimming pool dreams come true. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve saved the day! 

Pool Builders Handover 

Once the installation process is complete, Aquify Pools Service Manager (SM) will schedule an official handover. Not only will the Service Manager take you through the ins and outs of fibreglass pool ownership, but the SM will give you the owner’s manual, and a chemical starter kit, and provide you with access to the Aquify Pools Academy platform, which was designed to give new pool owners troubleshooting tips with a variety of How To videos. 

Our goal is to empower you at the handover stage so you feel confident in looking after and enjoying your pool moving forward. 


Whether you are interested in fibreglass plunge pools, lap pools, or inground pools, Aquify Pools has plenty of designs and styles to choose from. The installation process is quick once the ball is rolling, and we assist you at every step. While fibreglass pool costs vary, we are happy to work within the confines of your budget, and you have a variety of finance options available to you including the lender Aquify works with. 

Contact Aquify Pools Fibreglass Pool Company 

Now that you know what to expect from the process, today is a great time to reach out to the Aquify Pools team and get the ball rolling on your fibreglass pool design. We will schedule a personalised consultation to discuss your options based on the size and space available in your garden and your design preferences.