Think of a swimming pool as an investment much like your home; have a clear idea of what you want from yours before you make a commitment. Of course, you want to escape the heat, but what else? Swimming laps? Taking a plunge? Or games of water polo between friends? 

Fibreglass pool designs provide variety in size and shape; fibreglass is a low-maintenance material and incredibly durable. These key features make a fibreglass swimming pool a cost-effective choice. 

Understanding Fibreglass Pools 

Fibreglass swimming pools are ideal when it comes to residential pool choices. 

In addition to the durability and low maintenance of fibreglass inground pools, the additional benefit of opting for fibreglass is the speed of fibreglass pool installation. Your fibreglass pool company will assemble your pool offsite, which shortens the installation time and makes it a more affordable option.

Fibreglass pools feature a gelcoat that is nonporous, which means it’s less likely to develop algae and staining, plus it’s easy to maintain pH levels. Gelcoat helps protect against blistering, UV rays, and chemicals, all of which contribute to less maintenance.  

Consider Your Space 

When it comes to shapes and sizes, fibreglass pools offer variety. Aquify Pools offers a handy tool that allows you to see what size of pool is right for you based on your available space. Start by inputting your address, choose the pool you like most, and check out your placement options! Expert pool builders can offer advice on placements if you’re sure. 

Consult New South Wales’ rules and regulations legislating residential swimming pools. Your pool must be fenced, and there needs to be a non-climbable space around it. You will need to factor this into the space equation. 

Climate Considerations 

With so much sun and the harsh UV rays of the Australian sun, swimming pools fade, crack, and require additional maintenance to balance the pH levels. That isn’t the case if you’re building a pool fabricated from fibreglass. The gelcoat that comes standard with fibreglass protects against all the traditional swimming pool’s worst enemies. Fibreglass pools are durable, chemical resistant, and built to last while looking new for longer. 

Customisation Options 

With fibreglass, the customisation options feel endless. You can choose from a variety of finishes and colours and select any additional features that meet your style and preferences. 

Our shells are pre-set, so we can’t create a uniquely shaped pool, but we have a dozen different series to choose from, and within each series, several size options are available. In addition, you can choose from one of many colour choices to complete the look. 

Fibreglass pools can come with accessories like water features, water care, LED lighting, automation, pool alarms, ledges, pool covers, and more. 

Installation Process 

Once you have met with a pool consultant to choose your pool, the plans are drawn, and the approvals are in place, the installation process can begin. The pool site requires excavation; this will look different for every property. Some properties may be rockier than others, and some have sloping landscapes. 

The pool will be craned in once the excavation process is complete, followed by plumbing and concreting. 

The Service Manager will walk you through the ins and outs of maintaining your pool in a handover demonstration, and you can ask any questions you have. 

Then, it’s time for the finishing touches to take place; this includes paving and landscaping, and of course, high-quality safety fencing. 

Professional installation is a must; it ensures legal regulations are complied with and the job is completed to a high standard. Be sure to choose a reputable installer. The process takes around one to three months from start to finish, but the installation process generally takes just one week. 

Maintenance Made Easy 

A pool cover will protect against dirt and debris, but you should regularly clean the pool. Cleaning includes skimming and brushing, and a pool vacuum for a deeper clean. 

A filter system that operates a once-daily circulation will keep your water clean and clear. You can install a timer so that it runs automatically. To maintain water chemistry, you need to test weekly and carry out the necessary maintenance. It does not require the same level of pH adjustment as a concrete pool. Additionally, the water level should remain above the skimmer at all times. 

Cost Consideration 

While the initial cost of a fibreglass pool isn’t too different from other pool options, it is cheaper in the long term. First, the installation process is rapid, which is a cost-saver because time is money. The bigger cost savings come over ongoing maintenance because a fibreglass pool does not require acid washing or a refinish. It doesn’t require the same level of regular maintenance either, which lowers costs. Because fibreglass pools require fewer chemicals and less electricity, they are cheaper to operate and will save you time and sweat on the maintenance front. 

Warranty and Support 

Choosing a reputable fibreglass pool company is key to ensuring a healthy warranty. Every manufacturer offers a different warranty and will deliver different levels of ongoing support and maintenance. 

With Aquify Pools, you can rest easy when we install swimming pools in your backyard. Our fibreglass pools come with a 35-year structural warranty, 25-year Interior Surface Guarantee, and 10-year ColorGuard Guarantee. 

Final Thoughts 

Every Australian home needs a high-quality swimming pool for relaxation and fun in the sun. For a discerning Australian, it’s difficult to overlook the benefits of choosing a fibreglass swimming pool. Consider your space, the warranty and support the pool comes with, the climate, customisation, maintenance, cost, and installation process. 

While plenty of options are available, you should start by consulting with a professional to make a truly informed decision based on your requirements, the size of the space you’re working with, and your preferences. Contact us today!