So, you’ve started thinking about installing a swimming pool in your backyard. Fibreglass swimming pools have tons of benefits, from their great cost to their easy maintenance. But how much does it cost to install an inground swimming pool in your garden?

At Aquify Pools, we’re experienced pool builders who know what it takes to install a beautiful inground fibreglass swimming pool. Here’s everything you need to know about the cost.

How Much Does a Fibreglass Pool Cost?

The cost of installing fibreglass pools varies depending on a lot of factors. Firstly, an above ground pool is cheaper than an inground swimming pool, but most people prefer inground options because they’re much more aesthetically appealing.

Other factors to consider include size, depth, and the location where it is being installed. Typically, fibreglass swimming pools are cheaper than their concrete counterparts because they are manufactured off-site using pre-determined moulds. As a result, the size and shape is already determined by the time it arrives at your home. Nevertheless, you can choose from a range of fibreglass pools to suit your needs.

The price of a swimming pool can depend on numerous things including access to the site, equipment required, the soil conditions, and any additional features you want to add.

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What Are the Main Factors That Affect the Cost?

Several factors affect the cost of fibreglass swimming pools.

  • Size, depth, and shape: The size and complexity of the fibreglass pool shell can affect the price. Larger pools will naturally cost more.
  • Extra features: Adding features like lighting, pool heaters, covers, bench seating and spa jets can all add to the cost of fibreglass pools.
  • Installation site: If your backyard features a slope or the ground is in poor condition, then the pool builders have to do a greater job in order to install a swimming pool. This all adds to the cost. 
  • Quality: A quality fibreglass swimming pool is going to cost more than one of lower quality. However, keep in mind that it will last longer and may require less maintenance.

Of course, there are also labour costs for the pool installation process. Some pool builders with more experience may charge more than others. However, it’s important to remember that experienced pool builders do a great job, ensuring there are fewer issues later during installation and in the future.

Other Costs to Consider

When installing a swimming pool, there are a couple of extra things to consider. You may need council permits depending on where you live. Throughout Australia, there are also fencing regulations that you need to consider. As experts in the swimming pool industry, manufacturers will be able to explain what you need to know.

Law aside, you also need to think about your own personal taste. You may want decking or a patio around the pool, or some landscaping to really finish off your backyard oasis.

You might think that, once you have your own swimming pool, your job is done. But this isn’t the case. A backyard swimming pool requires maintenance so make sure you budget future cleaning and maintenance costs into your budget.

Fibreglass swimming pools are easier to maintain than other pool types, but you still need to pay attention to them. It’s recommended to periodically hand-clean the surface above the water line or brush the bottom of the pool to remove any debris. The smooth non-abrasive surfaces are really easy to wipe down.

The gel coat on the fibreglass shell is algae-resistant, which means your pool is unlikely to become overgrown. Plus, fibreglass pools do not affect the chemical balance of the water. Nevertheless, you need to filter the water, add chlorine, and conduct periodic checks to ensure it’s safe to swim.

How Do Fibreglass Pools Compare to Other Pools?

Aside from fibreglass pools, you can choose a concrete pool or a vinyl liner. There are pros and cons to each type. In terms of cost, fibreglass pools sit in the middle for upfront fees and installation. Concrete pools are much more expensive to install, though they have more customisation options.

Furthermore, concrete pools take a lot more money and effort to maintain. The porous shell can be a breeding ground for algae, which means you need to clean it much more often. Since concrete is alkaline, you also need to balance the water chemistry more frequently. Finally, concrete pools are harder (and thus more expensive) to heat.

Vinyl liner pools are cheaper to build, but are much less durable. As a result, they don’t last as long and they need to be replaced every ten years.

So, if you want a superior option, choose fibreglass.

Does a Pool Add Value to Your Property?

The good news is that a swimming pool improves the resale value of your property. So, if you ever decide to move on, a well-maintained swimming pool will fetch you more money for your home.

This is particularly the case for family pools, but small pools are still an attractive prospect. Keen pool buyers are especially common in beachside areas and places with a warm climate.

If you’re considering creating a backyard paradise with your dream pool, it’s a good idea to take the plunge!

Planning Your New Pool

After you’ve decided you want to get a fibreglass swimming pool, the first thing to do is think about what kind you want. Browse online to find qualified pool builders and take a look at their range of fibreglass pools. When you know a little bit about what you want, search for highly-trained pool builders to do the job.

It’s a good idea to go into the consultation with an idea of what you want. Then, check for the following:

  • Ensure the manufacturers have extensive experience with fibreglass pools
  • Find out if they offer warranties on your swimming pool
  • Find out if they offer a lifetime interior surface guarantee

If you find the right swimming pool manufacturer, you can ensure the whole process runs smoothly and results in a stunning appearance for your backyard.

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