So, the pool of your dreams has been installed, now it’s time to transform your backyard oasis into a haven you can enjoy even more. How do you do this? With the right pool accessories! There are tons of options to choose from, including toys for the little ones and chic pool accessories for the adults.

In this guide, we’ll cover ten of the best pool accessories you need to know about, no matter what kind of backyard paradise you’re trying to create.

1. Floating Waterproof Speaker

Summer just doesn’t hit the same without some classic tunes. Whether you’re into 90s R’n’B, sweet soul music, or the latest hits, you need a backing track to go with your summer! 

Brands like Sony and Bose have waterproof speakers for you to sit poolside. These pool accessories are great in case you accidentally knock it into the water or someone makes a big splash. Some of them have incredible sound quality.

However, you can go one step further and get a floating speaker that sits directly in your swimming pool.

A floating speaker can be enjoyed by all, making it a staple for any pool party.

2. Floating Drink Holders

As far as pool accessories go, drink holders are a classic. They allow you to slot in a can or bottle and enjoy a cool sip on a hot day while you relax in the pool.

There are tons of options, ranging from floating holders that carry multiple drinks to those that carry just one. Larger pools where you’ll be hosting pool parties might benefit from the former. However, novelty drink holders for one person are a lot of fun.

For larger gatherings, consider getting a floating esky that holds a number of drinks. And don’t worry about your Coke or beer tipping over and leaking into the water–these holders are designed to stay stable.

3. Floating Canopy

A lilo is one thing, but a floating canopy adds a certain elegance to your days spent in the swimming pool. Take your pool accessories to the next level with a chic canopy you can float around in while remaining in the shade.

This option from Intex has two drink holders in the sides, meaning you can take your lounging above and beyond with chilled drinks ready to go. Meanwhile, the detachable sun shade keeps you cool, designed to prevent too much exposure to the rays but also allows you to soak up the sun if you want to.

This one is particularly stylish, designed to make you feel like a King or Queen. For the adults, it’s a must-have accessory!

4. Poolside Deck Chairs

It’s not all about swimming. Pool accessories also include those you need to recline in style poolside. Consider investing in some elevated deck chairs where you can indulge in some reading, sun baking or watching the kids play.

Aquify’s range of fibreglass swimming pools come in numerous colours and styles, with something to suit all backyards. Consider Aquamarine to pair with wooden furniture and splashes of colour, or Graphite to match chic white sets.

Whatever you have in mind for your backyard oasis, you can get creative and design a space that suits you. Aim to get chairs that suit your decor style, but also have the quality to last for a while.

5. Outdoor Glasses

Shop for shatterproof cups that the whole family can use, from the kids to the grown-ups. We love these poolside champagne flutes from Lumela Coolamon, in a stylish pink colour that’s sure to impress.

Consider getting a range of poolside glasses for every occasion, from sipping fruit juice to enjoying cocktails with the grown-ups. 

6. Inflatable Movie Screen

If you really want to transform your pool into a place to remember, there are plenty of pool accessories to help you out.

Your guests won’t forget a poolside movie experience in a hurry!

Host a dive-in movie night with a pool-side TV screen and projector. This one from SmartDigital measures 12 x 11.5 feet, with a 144-inch screen. Your entire pool party can get in on the action with a screen this size.

Pair this with some of the other pool accessories mentioned above like inflatable drinks holders or an island canopy, and have a movie night with a twist.

Tip: We don’t recommend playing Jaws!

7. Pool Beer Pong

No pool party is complete without a beer pong set! Entertain your guests with this classic party game, but with a twist: it floats on water!

It’s harder to make the shots with waves in the pool, but that’s all part of the fun. Along with some other games, this is one of the best pool accessories you can get if you plan on entertaining a lot.

The best news is that the racks for the cups double as a drinks holder. This option from Catch also has a cooler in the middle for storing drinks, which makes it essential for any pool party. There are four additional drink holders along each side for social swimming and spectators.

8. Pool Fountain

If your fibreglass pool is large enough, consider installing a pool fountain. Compared to the other pool accessories on the list, this one is less usable and more about the aesthetics. There are many ways to incorporate fountains into your pool. Some involve adding specific water features to your pool, while others are more like pool accessories. It’s even possible to get floating pool fountains that add a bit of fun.

If you’re interested in pools with fun features, check out our spillway series.

9. Water Volleyball Set

There’s no better game than water volleyball. It’s a great way to have fun with the little ones, but it’s also entertaining for the adults. An adjustable water volleyball set is one of the best pool accessories.

There are inflatable sets for smaller kids, or installable nets for more serious players.

10. Ring Toss Game

Plenty of other pool accessories are available for families who love fun. Floating ring toss games are cheap and tons of fun, and with a deeper pool, you can throw in the rings and dive to retrieve them. This is great for kids who are enhancing their swimming skills and looking to show off.

Meanwhile, you can lounge in your stylish deck chair!

Get the Pool of Your Dreams with Aquify Pools

We all dream of summer days lounging by our own personal pool, soaking up the sun and making memories with loved ones. With Aquify Pools, all of this is possible!

Our expert fibreglass pool builders can create a pool in your backyard that transforms your space into an oasis. Choose a style that suits you and contact us to get started.

Now all that’s left for you to do is get the pool accessories!