Summer is just around the corner, and that means swimming season is upon us! Whether you have a lap pool for summer swimming or other pool designs like the Aqua Ledge Series for relaxing, it’s time to prep your pool for the warmer weather.

Fibreglass swimming pools require less maintenance than other pool types, but you still need to do some spring cleaning when the weather warms up. Spring is the time to get out your cleaning tools and start preparing your fibreglass swimming pool for long days spent enjoying your backyard paradise.

Don’t forget, Aquify Pools are always available to answer any questions you may have on caring for your fibreglass pool regardless of the time of year. 

Here are seven easy steps to follow to clean your pool so it’s ready for summer. 

1. Clean Your Pool

Now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start cleaning! The good news is that the pool shell of a fibreglass swimming pool is easy to clean. The smooth surface is easy to wipe down so large and small pools will be ready in a flash!

Start by removing visible dirt and debris with a pool skimmer and pool brush. You may need a leaf rake depending on the state of your pool. You can clean fibreglass swimming pools with a nylon brush to scrub the floors and sides. Pool skimmer baskets, meanwhile, can collect leaves, twigs, and bugs.

Then, grab your pool vacuum to give your pool a final clean before you move onto the next step.

2. Bring the Water Level Up

The vacuum may have sucked up some of the water, or it may have evaporated over winter. However, it’s important for fibreglass pools to have the right water level if you want to maintain them properly.

Fill the pool to the middle of the skimmer mouth, ensuring the water can filter properly. Then, you can get to work on balancing the chemicals for your fibreglass pool.

3. Check the Chemical Balance

Ideally, you should check the pool’s chemical balance and treat it before closing it off for winter. This will prevent the build-up of scale and avoid corrosion. Make sure you have the proper alkalinity, pH, and chlorine levels.

Take a sample of the pool water and aim for a pH of between 7.2 and 7.6. Alkalinity should be 80-120 ppm.

What Chemicals Do You Need for Summer?

Aside from regular pool chemicals, here are some you might need to add to your fibreglass swimming pool for summer.

  • Phosphate remover: With your swimming pool sitting still for a few months, it might accumulate phosphate. Phosphates are food for algae growth, so make sure you remove them.
  • Algaecide: We’ll cover algae in more detail later, but it’s a good idea to add some algaecide!
  • Chlorine: Before your fibreglass pool is safe for swimming, it needs chlorine. However, make sure you use stable swimming pool chlorine so that it doesn’t become affected by the sun.
  • Alkalinity adjusters: Over the winter, the pH of your pool may change. Get some adjusters to ensure your pool has the right balance.
  • Calcium UP: Following the break, your pool may have low calcium levels. Get some Calcium UP tablets to increase the levels, ensuring your pool water doesn’t erode the fibreglass shell.

Some pool shops sell summer bundles that allow you to prepare for the new season all in one go. If you want to make fibreglass swimming pool maintenance easier, consider investing in a kit.

4. Remove Any Algae

Algae can make your fibreglass swimming pool look cloudy and dirty. At worst, it can be harmful for swimmers. It can also clog your filter and cause worse problems in the long run. However, summer is prime time for algae blooms, so it’s time to get prepping!

Use an algaecide to kill off any growth, and then monitor to ensure no blooms start growing. Warm weather is a breeding ground for algae, so try to do this step before the summer heat kicks in.

5. Check the Equipment

Next, it’s time to check your equipment. Begin by cleaning and emptying the pump’s lint basket. Then, prime the pump with water; you can’t start it dry because it may damage the pump mechanism. With inground fibreglass pools, the pump may be above water level, so make sure there is an ample water supply.

Note that the system may take several minutes to ‘catch’ and start working. You might also notice lots of bubbles when the pump starts up–that’s completely normal. If you have a cartridge filter for your fibreglass pool, open the air bleeder before beginning, then close the valve when water gushes out.

You may need to clean the pool filter, too. Clean out any grease or scale deposits, which can harden over winter. A good cleaning ensures it doesn’t get clogged up.

Finally, do an inspection of your pool equipment. Check for leaks, clogged filters, or damaged parts, and if you notice any of these things, make sure you replace them. It’s best to get these things out of the way before summer arrives and you want to use your fibreglass pool.

6. Shock the Pool

Another good idea is to double-shock your fibreglass swimming pool before swimming in summer. The build-up of nasties in your pool over the winter can be harmful. A shock treatment gets rid of harmful bacteria and algae in your inground swimming pool in one fell swoop.

Invest in some pool shock to clean up your pool. To perform a double shock, all you need to do is double the dose.

After double-shocking, you need to run the pool filter for 24 hours, waiting for the chlorine levels to reduce so that it’s safe to swim. You need to fully circulate the pool water and filter out everything you might have missed while cleaning.

7. Clean Your Pool Accessories

The perfect pool isn’t complete without some fun pool accessories. Whether you have a new pool or you’re cleaning out your old pool for some family fun this season, it’s time to prepare your accessories.

You may have spa jets and lounge chairs designed to help you relax in the sun; make sure everything is dust-free and in good condition. Or, for family toys and games, make sure everything is clean and free of dirt, dust and mould.

Speak to the Fibreglass Swimming Pool Experts

With our range of plunge pools and fibreglass pool designs, we are experts in preparing your pool for summer. We know how to care for your pool and maintain it for decades to come, ensuring it withstands all weather conditions and remains enjoyable year-round.

If you want to discuss the maintenance process or are considering installation of a new fibreglass pool, speak to one of our experts today. Get in touch to find out how we can help you create a backyard paradise.