When planning to install a swimming pool, one of the most important things to consider is how it will affect your existing landscaping. Are you already planning on redoing your landscaping to accommodate a large plunge pool or an inground swimming pool? Perhaps you’re opting for an inground plunge pool, so you’ll need to dig down into your lawn. Or, maybe you’re looking at one of our spa pool Spillway Series, and you’ll need more space.

Whatever your plans, here are some must-haves to make your fibreglass swimming pool a safe and exciting place for your guests or the whole family.

Planning Your Aussie Pool Paradise

When it comes to swimming pool installation, planning is everything. Here are some of the things you need to consider before our pool builders can get to work.


Australia has a diverse climate and depending on your location, that can change drastically throughout the year. Consider the following factors:

  • Sunlight Exposure: How much sun does your backyard pool get throughout the day? It’s well known that sunlight reduces the chlorine levels in your water, but that can take a couple of hours. Ideally, you’ll want your pool to be well-lit and exposed when you’re going to use it, to ensure the best experience.

  • Prevailing Winds: Consider which direction the wind most commonly blows on your property. A chilly wind in the afternoon blowing directly over your pool will put a huge damper on your swims. Consider putting the pool directly behind a windbreak of some sort to reduce the effects of cooler winds on the surface temperature of the water and your body during a dip.

  • Rainfall: Does your region experience frequent downpours? If so, consider working with our pool designer to plant trees around the pool to offer either rain cover or shade. And, consider purchasing a pool cover for when it does rain heavily.  

Space and Layout

Swimming pools take up a lot of space, any surrounding areas of the pool that may be necessary, such as with our Aqua Ledge or Spillway Series, or any decking you plan on installing. Measure out the pool and surrounding area. Ensure you allocate space for the following:

  • Walkways for easy access around the pool. This will depend on where your entry and exit points are for your swimming pool. If you have a plunge pool, consider placing walkways about a metre away from the pool’s edge to prevent accidentally slipping into deep water.

  • Seating areas for relaxation and lounging. This is already solved if you have our Aqua Ledge addition to our inground pools! However, extra seating and lounging areas may be necessary or desirable depending on how you want to use your backyard pool.

  • Sun loungers for soaking up the sun. If you love to lay in the sun after a dip in the pool, consider where your sun loungers will be in relation to your pool.

  • Pool maintenance equipment. Consider where your pool maintenance equipment will be stored. Do you have a dedicated shed for such things? If not, will your swimming pool maintenance equipment be stored around your swimming pool? Ensure that it’s stored away from the pool to avoid a tripping hazard.


How will you use your new backyard pool? Will our pool builders construct a large inground pool as a family play haven? Or will you have a small backyard pool like our Round Pool series, for maximum relaxation?

Think about how you’ll use the pool and ensure that its layout in your landscaping makes sense. Do you want a family play pool (where large splashes are bound to occur) near a wooden fence or decking? Do you want a relaxing and serene backyard pool next to your loud heat pump?

Style and Aesthetics

Finally, consider your home’s existing architecture and how your pool design ideas will work in tandem with your home’s architectural style, existing landscaping work and overall aesthetics. For example, a luscious green space of a backyard should not necessarily have a huge pool slapped in the middle of it. Consider different pool sizes and designs to suit the overall back garden appearance, rather than just picking the pool of your dreams and putting it in place. 

Must-Haves for Functionality and Fun

When it comes to balancing functionality and fun in a backyard pool design, there are a few must-haves! Our pool builders will be able to make specific recommendations based on your requirements, but we suggest incorporating most of the following: 


Your pool’s surrounding surface should be slip-resistant, prioritising safety at the water’s edge. Some popular Australian choices are:

  • Natural Stone Pavers. Natural stone is a popular choice among Australians for its durability and timeless appeal. However, ensure to protect your toes! Stubbing them on stone hurts.

  • Concrete Pool Coping. Like natural stone, concrete provides durability but has a more modern look. It also offers a smooth surface, reducing the risk of injury.

  • High-Quality Timber Decking. Using wood decking provides warmth and a natural feel. If you’re going for a natural look in your garden, then a quality timber decking surround may be your best option.

  • Other factors to consider include cost, maintenance and heat retention, as well as whether your surfacing works with the overall backyard aesthetic. 

Shading Solutions

Shade is important when it comes to outdoor play time, particularly for young children. Incorporating shady structures into your pool installation to offer maximum protection against the Australian sun.

  • Shade sails: Offer a stylish and adaptable solution, as they can be moved around to block the sun at different times of the day.

  • Umbrellas: Provide a more mobile option than shade sails.

  • Strategically placed trees. Trees such as the Snow Pear are the perfect option for those looking for a tree that offers heavy shade. Ensure that these are placed strategically around the pool to offer shade where necessary, but far enough away that the roots won’t disrupt your pool or concrete surrounds.  

Seating and Relaxation Areas

It’s important to create a separate area in your backyard for seating and relaxation, away from the action of the pool. Be sure to choose comfortable outdoor furnishings like:

  • Reclining sun loungers for poolside relaxation.
  • Dining sets like a table-and-chairs for meals by the pool.
  • Seating arrangements that encourage conversation and interaction like water-resistant picnic table seating or chairs.

A Touch of Aussie Flair: Plants For Your Pool Paradise

Incorporating Australian plants into your pool design ideas is an important way to protect yourself from the sun and offer a beautification element to your backyard pool. Here are some plant ideas for a touch of Aussie flair.

Native Delights

Instead of buying plantlife from outside of Australia, opting for Australian plants will make for easier maintenance and a healthy plant, as these plants have already adapted to the native climate, are good at attracting bugs and birds and are generally low-maintenance.

These include kangaroo paws, spider flowers and banksias.  

Water-Wise Options

Because water is sometimes a scarcity in Australia due to the ever-warming climate, choose plant life that doesn’t need a lot of water to survive. Succulents, ornamental grasses and rosemary bushes are among the top recommendations.

If you’ve been considering swimming pool installation for a while but aren’t sure how your current landscaping would fit in, contact Aquify Pools today. While we’re not a landscaping company, we know what’s required and what looks good with each of our backyard swimming pool models. Let us guide you in the right direction.