In the heart of Sydney’s southern suburbs, Bexley offers a combination of urban convenience and suburban charm. Aquify Pools Bexley provides premier fibreglass swimming pool services to local residents. Our services are tailored to add a touch of luxury and create an oasis of tranquillity in your home. Our range of services includes chic plunge pools for compact spaces, as well as grand inground pools designed for family fun and fitness. We are committed to helping every Bexley household find their perfect match.

Why choose Aquify Pools

Aquify Pools pride ourselves on installing the highest quality pools in the country.
  • 16+ Years Experience In Sydney & Northern Beaches
  • All Pools Are Backed By a Warranty
  • All pools include Pool ColourGuard® with a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*

Our pools

Latin Series

The Latin Series is a collection of slimline pools that combine sleek design with functionality. These pools are a testament to sophisticated living and offer Bexley homes an escape for relaxation, fitness, or entertainment. Featuring models such as the elegant Roma and the spacious Milano, the Latin Series is perfect for those who desire a pool that complements the contemporary Australian lifestyle. Each model is designed to integrate smoothly into any backyard size, providing a luxurious and functional addition to your home.

The Latin Series features sleek contours and efficient use of space, including extended bench seating for relaxation and optional features such as spa jets for an added touch of indulgence. With eleven colour options available, it’s easy to customise your pool to harmonise with your home’s aesthetic, promising a personal retreat that’s both beautiful and functional. The Latin Series is ideal for those looking to maximise their outdoor space without sacrificing elegance, making it a beacon of modern pool design.

In addition to its sleek design, the Latin Series prioritises eco-friendly and energy-efficient features, making it a sustainable choice for your home. Advanced filtration systems, energy-saving pumps, and optional solar heating options are available to reduce your environmental footprint while enjoying the luxury of your pool. The Latin Series from Aquify Pools Bexley also offers innovative safety features, including non-slip surfaces and child-safe ledges, ensuring peace of mind for families. These pools are crafted with durable, high-quality materials that resist fading and wear, ensuring they can withstand time.

Round Pool Series

Transform your backyard with the exquisite Round Pool Series, featuring the refined Infinity 3.0, the spacious Infinity 4.0, and the charming Terrace 3.0 models. These pools are designed to fit snugly into smaller outdoor areas, offering a relaxed aquatic experience without the need for extensive space. Whether you prefer an above-ground setup or a partially in-ground configuration, these pools make a stunning addition to any Bexley home. 

Designed with relaxation in mind, the Round Pool Series features a comfortable fibreglass bench lining the pool’s perimeter, which is ideal for unwinding in the water. Optional enhancements such as spa jets transform these pools into a personal spa retreat, perfect for soothing relaxation after a long day. The series’ compact design does not limit its potential for enjoyment, making it suitable for a tranquil swim, water-based exercise, or simply enjoying the pleasure of floating in your own serene spot. Our expert team ensures that each installation is well planned and executed, blending seamlessly with your existing landscape and outdoor decor. 

The Round Pool Series is a testament to versatility and innovation in pool design. For anyone interested in adding a unique feature, lighting options are available to illuminate your pool for evening swims or to set a serene mood for nighttime gatherings. These pools can also be equipped with state-of-the-art saltwater systems for a more natural and gentle swimming experience, reducing the need for chemicals. 

The beauty of the Round Pool Series lies in its ability to transform any space into an elegant oasis, providing a focal point for garden landscapes or a complementary addition to modern architectural styles. With the Round Pool Series, Bexley residents can enjoy a bespoke pool experience that blends seamlessly with their lifestyle and landscape preferences.

Horizon Colour

Capture the essence of serene mornings and peaceful evenings with the Horizon colour for your pool. This unique shade embodies the tranquil hues of dawn and dusk, infusing your backyard in Bexley with a sense of calm and beauty. The Horizon colour is versatile enough to complement any outdoor setting, enhancing the natural light and landscape around your home. 

Ideal for contemporary and classic pool designs, the soft blue of the Horizon colour creates a soothing atmosphere that invites relaxation at any time of the day. It pairs effortlessly with various decking materials and landscaping styles, ensuring your pool becomes a harmonious extension of your outdoor living space. Choosing the Horizon colour means opting for a pool that serves as a tranquil sanctuary, reflecting the serene skies above Bexley and inviting you to indulge in its calming waters. 

The Horizon colour has been developed to maintain its vibrancy and depth over time, resisting the effects of sun exposure and chemical treatments. This enduring beauty ensures that your pool remains a captivating feature of your backyard, inviting enjoyment and enhancing your home’s overall value. This colour scheme from Aquify Pools Bexley also offers excellent visibility, ensuring swimmers’ safety by allowing clear underwater viewing. 

By choosing the Horizon colour, you’re investing in a timeless design element that enhances the ambience of your outdoor space. 

Seaforth Pool Installation

We offer our designs in a range of styles and sizes, and we have also patented a specialist coating to ensure your pool can withstand the elements. It protects against the harsh rays of the sun, weathering, and colour loss. Think of it as suntan lotion for your swimming pool. All of our pools come with an Extended Lifetime Warranty because if there's one thing we're passionate about it's providing high-quality, excellent customer service, and affordable prices. Get in touch with the Aquify Pools Seaforth team to book your consultation and begin your journey to transforming your backyard into a paradise.

Free Quotes and Site Assessments

We realise everyone is shopping for a pool for their own unique reasons and has specific needs when it comes to swimming and leisure, so we stock a wide selection of pools in a wide range of shapes, designs, and colours to suit everyone. We provide free quotes and site assessments to ensure you’re getting the best price and exactly the type of pool that will look great on your property. One of our team will come to your property and assess your space, provide recommendations on the best type of pool for your space, and a quote with the best price. Get in touch today for a free site assessment and quote.

Vogue Fibreglass Swimming Pool Series

Vogue is one of our most popular pool shapes and is both stylish and functional. It features a long, uninterrupted swimming lane, perfect for those who want to combine their love of exercise and recreation. The pinnacle of modern pool design, this pool will serve as the focal point of your outdoor living space. The entry steps and bench seat are symmetrically placed in the middle, adding to the contemporary aesthetic while also serving a practical purpose. Thanks to its symmetrical design and dual access points, this pool can be set up wherever you like. Its length of 7.15m to 10.2m means it is suitable for use in various backyard settings. The shallow end of this series of swimming pools is always 1.09m deep, while the deep end depth ranges from 1.68m to 1.93m.

We’re the pool experts

At Aquify Pools Bexley, we are dedicated to crafting the perfect fibreglass inground pools for your home. Our commitment to quality and our passion for building a pool that harmonises with your lifestyle and outdoor space sets us apart in the Bexley area. Our expertise in installing a swimming pool extends to creating bespoke plunge pools, tailored to fit even the most compact of spaces without compromising on luxury or functionality. We pride ourselves on transparently communicating plunge pool costs, ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with your vision and budget.

Choosing Aquify Pools means entrusting your dream to seasoned professionals committed to guiding you through every step—from the initial design to the final installation of your swimming pool. With unmatched expertise in fibreglass inground pools, we promise a seamless and satisfying pool-building experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a pool is determined by a number of factors such as the size of the pool, the type of ground you are on, what type of access you have to your backyard and what options you would like to go with your pool. Options for your pool such as a separate spa,  pool heating, a water feature, can be included but will add to the cost.

Aquify’s range of pools are typically priced between $45k – $65k. This price generally includes excavation of your site, assisting with planning and approvals, the craning of your pool, concreting for the pool coping and installation of the plumbing with all equipment to run the pool. Landscaping, tipping, approvals and permanent fencing we can assist with but are not included. Domain Article on Pool pricing

A shortage of trades, an increase in freight charges and the rising price of all the materials that go together to create a backyard water-hole AKA a beautiful new swimming pool have combined to add around 20 per cent to the cost of a swimming pool in comparison to the last 5 years. However with the increased cost of having a swimming pool installed, we have also seen the increased value to properties that have a swimming pool. For every dollar you spend on having a swimming pool installed, you should see $2 – $3 dollars in value to your property come back at the point of sale or valuation.
The answer is could be either depending on your property and what is most important to you, if you are unsure get an onsite appraisal done for both and see which you feel is better suited to your family. Some key points a lot of families make their decision based on are listed below:
Design: Concrete pools can be made to any shape, or depth so if you had a very specific design or even an unusually shaped yard that would be difficult to fit a more typical shaped pool then concrete will give you that flexibility. Fibreglass pools come in set shapes and sizes but there are a lot of amazing designs to choose from and you also get the advantage to look at completed images of the exact pool you are considering.
Surface: Fibreglass pools have a smooth interior so your family doesn’t need to worry about getting cuts or scratches as can happen in a concrete pool (plaster, tile aggregate) especially important if you have active kids who have softer skin. The smooth surface of Fibreglass has other advantages the non-porous surface also makes fibreglass pools a lot easier to clean, less expensive to maintain as there are less costs for pool chemicals.
Install Time: The time needed for a fibreglass pool can be installed in 1-2 weeks with the whole process from the initial site consultation to plan approvals and installations being approximately 1-3 months. With a concrete pool, this process can take anywhere between 3-6 months with your outdoor space being a construction site and unusable for a longer amount of time. With a fibreglass pool you can be enjoying the pool a lot quicker with less disruption to your yard, pets and family.
Yes, we are partnered with Handypay who offer our customers flexible payment options which means you’re able to plan your pool project now and pay later. When we provide a proposal it will display what the weekly payment would be if you chose to use finance.
You can also click the link to find out if you are eligible for finance with Handypay in just a few minutes (it’s obligation free too!):
The first step is an onsite consultation with one of our consultants who will discuss your pool project, your site requirements and develop a proposal. Once you are ready to proceed, the next step is to get plans drawn and approvals in place (we assist you with this too). Your installation date is then set and the pool site is excavated, your pool is craned in and the plumbing and concreting around the pool is completed. Our Service Manager then guides you through owning and maintaining your pool with a one-on-one handover demonstration. This entire process takes approx. 1 month – 3 months. From then on, it’s the finishing touches like fencing, paving and landscaping.
Choosing the right pool builder is an important decision. There are a number of factors you should be considering when making the decision with who to trust with your pool project, including:
Experience: How long have they been installing pools for? If a builder seems good but their company or the builder has only had a licence for few years you need to factor in a possibly higher level of risk dealing with a newer unestablished builder. You can easily check this by putting the builders licence details in the following link. At Aquify Pools we have been installing pools for 16 years with over 2000 pool installs in Sydney alone. Aquify Pools company licence is: 205571C.
Active in the area: Is the builder you are considering active in your area, if a builder is active and successful in your area this will demonstrate they understand the local councils and other things specific to your area and be able to build to a high level of quality and service that people in your area are happy with.
Home Warranty Insurance: Does your pool builder take out home warranty insurance for their installations. This protects consumers in case the builder you engage goes out of business or is unable to complete work on your project during the warranty period. It can be difficult to obtain this insurance so a lot of builders will not take this out for their clients leaving the client vulnerable if things ever were to go wrong. , Aquify Pools believes having HWI or Home Warranty Insurance is a must and takes this insurance out on every job as it gives our clients superior peace of mind on their investment.
Quality of pools – Some questions to consider:
Who makes the pool and what warranty does it come with?
Are they reputable, and have they been around a long time outsourced or in-house?
Do you know who will be the trades used in your pool project?
How long has the person working on your pool been in the industry?
How many pools have they installed?
Using outsourced trades can leave you unsure of who is actually working on your site, who is liable for what works completed on your job and what their specific experience is. Having an in-house team gives you peace of mind that the trades on site are experienced, qualified and are following the correct procedures for a pool installation in line with Australian Standards and OHS regulations. When you chose Aquify Pools you have only one company you need to speak with from start to finish and we take it one step further and provide you with not only an in-house team but also your own Project Manager who will coordinate all the works to be done in a timely, professional manner and to our professional company standard.
Lead time: Make sure your builder confirms when they would be able to do your project. Many builders can get easily backlogged with work not being able to complete your project as they are at the mercy of contracted trades. Although a builder may be able to start your project in a certain month, its also good to know an estimated completion date so you are not left with a job half done and there is transparency on your project from start to finish.

A fibre glass pool can be installed on pretty much any type of site including sloping. There are many solutions to assist with installing a pool in a sloping yard, whether it requires a retaining wall(s), a site cut or extra soil to be moved around, our pool consultants can advise on the best options for your site and we have many solutions available

We pride ourselves on being the tricky site experts and have a lot of tools available to deal with restricted or narrow access. Do you only have enough room to walk down the side of you home? Or maybe you have no access down the side of your home and can only access your backyard through your home. Regardless of how small, seemingly impossible, tight or restricted you feel your site is, chances are we can install a pool for you. Options can include various types of cranes, micro diggers, hand digs, helicopter (yes you read correct we have done helicopter installs) and we even deliver and install pools on the sea by barge! If you want a pool, ask us how it is possible, you’ll be surprised! 

It’s not every day that you get to deliver and install a swimming pool from the sea! Check out the video on how our in-house team managed this unordinary install plus more of our recent installs on our YouTube channel.

We have a variety of tools we use to detect rock if needed such as rock probes, geotechnical reports, soil testing and VENIM reports. Our excavation team have vast experience in working with all types of rock and soils in all areas of NSW including sandstone (most common), iron stone, hard shale along with other types of top soils including clay and sand. Often what is underground is hard to determine until digging begins, and our team are equipped with machinery onsite to deal with all types of rock including hydraulic rock breakers and rock saws to break down and excavate rock if required.

What our clients have to say

Scott Vanderwerf
2 months ago
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What a great team! From the very start they made me feel comfortable and were professional in all aspects of the pool installation. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Great work guys!
Ali Solh
3 months ago
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Highly recommend I was dealing with Paul Deadset his a man of his words he made a promise to me that the pool will be done on a a certain date he went above and beyond and made it happen great work guys keep it up 👍
Corey Martin
3 months ago
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Best in the industry.
Nicole Hetherington
a week ago
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Couldn't rate Matt and his team higher. Transparent, reliable and perfect service. From start to finish they looked after us extremely well.

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