The day the pool arrives onsite and is craned in is a memorable day for everyone!

The lowdown on cranes:

The pool is craned into position a lot of the times this is over the house or even over a neighbours house.

There are many different sized cranes that can be used to crane in a pool depending on the distance that needs to be lifted over.

The crane can be set up either on the road, in a driveway, in the clients yard or even from a nearby property or public area.

If a crane is setting up on the road it will need traffic control and permits which we will organise and estimate costs in your proposal.

If we are lifting over powerlines then tiger tails will be required to cover the power lines, we will organise this and estimate the costs in your proposal.

When one of our consultants assesses your site an estimate will be provided based on what size crane will be needed for the project.

View one of our recent installs featuring cranes:


How do cranes work with pool installations?