Choosing the perfect pool colour is essential if you want to make your fibreglass pool sparkle in the sunlight and look great all year round. It’s an incredibly important decision, but one that can be difficult to make. As experts in the swimming pool industry, we know how to help our clients pick the best pool colour for their swimming pools, ensuring they create a back garden they love.

We have a fantastic colour range to choose from, but to help you make your decision, here’s a quick guide on choosing the perfect pool colour.

Choosing the Right Pool Colour

When choosing the perfect pool colour, you need to consider the ambience you’re trying to create in your backyard. Are you looking for a classic Mediterranean blue, or a chic modern aqua green sparkle?

A fibreglass pool has gelcoat and resin technology that allows you to choose a chic pool colour and ensure it doesn’t fade, meaning you can enjoy the colour for years to come. 

Ask for colour samples from your pool builder. Not all manufacturers can guarantee exact colour matches. However, with advanced pool colour technology like Pool ColourGuard, Aquify Pools can ensure superior interior surface performance. So, you get the pool colour you want and deserve!

Here are some things to consider when choosing a colour for your pool.

Pool Reflection

Lap pools can become the centrepiece of your garden. With a lighter pool colour, it’s easier to notice debris settled on the bottom, which can damage the appearance unless you’re diligent about cleaning.

Meanwhile, a darker colour reflects the pool surrounds and creates a mirror-like effect. As a result, you won’t see the bottom as much.

The Impact of Natural Light

Even the best performing pigment technology is affected by natural light. On a hot summer’s day where the sun shines on the water, the colour may look different to an overcast day.

Consider how the pool colour looks in different lighting, and try to see samples under different lights.

Light vs. Dark Pool Colours with Your Furniture

Generally, contrast looks good when it comes to pool surrounds. So, the paving, tiling, and furniture should be in direct contrast to the pool colour itself.

Light pool colours go well with darker surrounds like:

  • Dark wood
  • Dark granite
  • Blue stone
  • Sandstone with earthy or red tones
  • Dark limestone
  • Dark brick
  • Dark slate

However, if you have a dark pool, try lighter surrounds like:

  • Light wood
  • Light granite
  • Natural or ivory sand stone
  • Light limestone
  • Light slate
  • Light brick

With this in mind, you can put together a stunning backyard where your swimming pool and furnishings complement each other.

Aquify Pool Colours

A blue colour is still the most popular option for pool owners. Nevertheless, you still need to choose between light, dark, or mid-blue. We have eleven popular colours to choose from, complementing our world-class pools and giving them a touch of style.


Twilight is a beautiful dark blue colour, mimicking the colour of the evening sky. The bright hue makes a stunning centrepiece, ensuring all eyes are drawn to your pool as the focal point of your backyard. Complement it with light furnishings like white tile or limestone to make the colour really pop.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue is among our most popular pool colours, with a twinkling light shade that’s perfect for sunny days. This hue goes well with light pool surrounds, including light slate and granite, but we recommend adding some dark wood furniture to make your pool stand out.

Silver Mist

With undertones of silver, Silver Mist is a beautiful option for contemporary pool styles, with a light shade that goes with everything. Combine it with dark furnishings to make your pool look cool and inviting. For a pro tip, make sure Silver Mist is surrounded by lush green shrubbery for an even classier look.


Platinum is one of our most popular mid blue colour samples. The bright, striking colours look stunning when the sun hits them, ensuring your pool looks lovely all year round. As a middle option, it looks great with almost any surrounds, particularly red brick.


Moonlight is another middle shade, this time with very cool undertones that reflect almost grey. This colour is perfect for any family garden, marrying well with a variety of surrounds. It won’t detract from other decor, but still draws the eye and shimmers in the natural light.


For a modern resort feel, the Horizon pool colour is a light, bright blue that looks clean and refreshing in all lighting. Whether bathed in natural sunlight or illuminated in the evening, Horizon is a real crowd-pleaser that goes well with dark wood and ivory sand stone.

Hampton’s Blue

Transport yourself to the Hamptons with this classic blue colour, which goes great with one of our contemporary fibreglass pool shapes. This bright, light shade is great for warm summer days, going well with dark wood or dark slate.


Graphite is the perfect option if you want to make your backyard feel like a Mediterranean villa. Combine this light pool colour with white tile to make the blue hues really pop, and decorate your space with palms and succulents.

Delta Blue

Delta Blue is a beautiful middle blue pool colour, with beautiful undertones that accentuate the shape of your pool. This option is complemented well by lush greens, making it a great option for lawns surrounded by trees and shrubs.

Argyle Blue

The dark tones of Argyle Blue are sleek and stylish, perfect for modern pool shapes. Like most dark shades, Argyle is perfect with light tilings and patios. Try it with our Aqua Ledge series, complemented with modern white lounge chairs.


Aquamarine is a beautiful dark shade that looks just like the ocean on a sunny day. Paired with light grey tiles, Aquamarine makes your fibreglass pool a focal point in your backyard, ensuring your family will spend many sunny days entertaining and enjoying the garden.

Get Your Perfect Pool from Aquify

No matter what pool colour you choose, the experts at Aquify Pools can help you build the pool of your dreams. Browse our colour options, then get in touch for a free quote!