To make sure you choose the right pool and the right pool builder we have put together the below checklist to help with the research and decision-making:

How long has your builder been trading for?
0-2years – okay, 3-5years – preferable, 5 – 10years – good, 10+years – ideal

Does your builder provide Home Warranty Insurance (HWI)?
HWI protects you, the client, if the pool building works are not completed. It is an insurance policy that is taken out by the pool builder once the contract has been signed to protect you. Without home warranty insurance, you are not covered for defective or incomplete work should your builder die, become insolvent or disappear. Aquify Pools takes out HWI on every pool project.

Does your builder offer both a Lifetime Structural Warranty and Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee?
Aquify Pools install AquaTechnics fibreglass pools. Our pools come with a Lifetime Structural Warranty. Most fibreglass pools should offer this warranty. However, AquaTechnics pools also come with a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee, which you won’t find with any other fibreglass pool shell on the market. Click here to learn more about AquaTechnics.

What is the lead time to when the project can be started?
With Aquify Pools, our lead time can be as little as 4 weeks if approvals are in place. We can do this as we have an in-house team installing pools every week. Because we are the largest pool. builder in Sydney, we are able to offer a short lead time to our clients.

Does your builder use an employed in-house team for installation?
If not, they likely to subcontract out the installation to a smaller contractor.. At Aquify Pools, we manage the pool installation from start to finish giving our clients peace of mind knowing who they are working with every stage of their pool journey.

Can the builder provide recent examples of completed projects in your area?

Look on social pages and websites to see details of recent pool builds completed by the company and don’t be afraid to ask to see pool builds that have been installed in your area.

Is your builder a SPASA member
Being SPASA Accredited shows that the business has the required education, technical competence, experience and a commitment to your their own professional development.

Does your Pool builder provide their Building licence
If the work costs more than $5,000, the person or company doing the work must hold a licence issued by NSW Fair Trading for building or swimming pool building. The name on the contract must be exactly the same as the name on the licence. Do a licence check to find out if your builder’s licence is valid and suitable for the work you want done.

Does your pool builder use one contract?
A lot of pool builders split their contract into multiple contracts with different company names, to avoid insurance requirements. This leaves the client exposed.

Did your pool builder assess the site before providing a quote?

Any reputable company should come out to your home and perform an obligation free site inspection before giving you any kind of quote for your project. Be wary of any pool builder that refuses a site inspection as it is an integral part of formulating a quote. Being on site allows a representative to measure your proposed area and advise on placement, levels and effective methods of installation.

Do you know anyone who has used the builder?
Don’t be afraid to ask the pool builder for references. Also ask how many pools they have completed over the life of their business, how many pools have they completed this past year and of those recent ones.

Do you know who is coordinating your project?
Check to see if the pool building company offer a person of contact within the business who will keep you informed of your pool journey and the expected timeline