View this recent article on what to expect when it comes to the cost of a new pool:

Approximate costs

To build an Aquify swimming pool our contract would typically be between $55k – $80k depending on pool, options, site conditions.

Additional costs not included in the above can include the following:

·Council approval related costs

·Soil tipping

·Rock excavation

·Landscaping – Paving, fencing & pool filter box


Additional costs for the above can be $20k – $40k

Total completed project costs typically is $75k – $120k

A lot of clients will finance their new swimming pool project by approaching their bank and refinancing their home.

We can assist clients obtain documents that may be required by their lending institution such as:

Detailed proposal/quote,

Home warranty insurance

Company insurances

Approved plans

Site progress report

Without all the correct documentation it can jeopardise finance approval or the release of a progress payment.

If you would like an easy finance option that has been set up for our clients you can follow the link for more information: