For many Aussies, having a swimming pool is a lifesaver in the summer months. But for homeowners without a pool, it may feel like nothing more than a distant dream. Whether you’re happy with a fibreglass plunge pool or imagining something grander like a fibreglass lap pool, the truth is with a bit of strategic budgeting, your dream pool might just be much closer to becoming a reality than you think. 

Determine Your Budget 

Different factors play into inground, lap, and plunge pool costs. One of the biggest considerations when determining your budget is the size of the pool. Plunge pool prices are considerably lower than having a lap pool installed.

Your fibreglass pool design will influence the cost of building a pool because some come with additional features that increase the cost. Within every pool series, there are size options, so there is wiggle room to opt for a cheaper version of the ultimate pool you love. 

If you opt to include water features, a pool cover, an alarm system or other features, this will also add to the cost. 

Other factors that contribute to higher costs include complicated excavation sites. The more excavation work required, the higher the cost to install the swimming pool. You should also factor in council approval costs (if required), soil tipping, and the landscaping work following pool installation. 

It’s imperative that you are open about your financial limits; not only do you not want to overextend yourself, but you also want to ensure the entire process runs smoothly. 

Explore Fibreglass Swimming Pool Options 

Aquify Pools offers a range of fibreglass inground pools. There are twelve designs to choose from, and within each, further options depending on your size and style preferences. 

Every series of our fibreglass pools comes at a different price point, and then within those series, the size differences also vary in cost. The Piazza series, is one of Aquify’s most popular options, and within the Piazza series, there are ten different pools to choose from. They vary in width, length, and depth so you can find the perfect fit. 

Additionally, there are several options if you’re thinking about fibreglass plunge pools. These small pools provide the same relief from the heat, but take up much less room if you have a compact yard or simply want a small addition.

The benefit of opting for one of our fibreglass swimming pools is its durability – fibreglass is built to last and can withstand a lot, yet it doesn’t require much maintenance, short or long-term. 

Get Multiple Quotes 

Whatever you’re looking for, one of the most important steps in budgeting and choosing a new swimming pool is to get multiple quotes from various reputable fibreglass pool builders. 

It’s important to ensure each quote is detailed and transparent about what costs are included, from excavation to installation. Compare builders to find the one that offers the best balance of affordability, quality, and service. Don’t make the decision solely based on quotes; check out their reviews and, if possible, speak to other clients about their experiences with the company. 

Consider Long-Term Savings 

While the initial outlay is similar to other swimming pool options, a fibreglass swimming pool provides long-term savings by comparison. Due to its durability and gelcoat finish, it’s less prone to cracking when the earth shifts; it does not require acid washing or relining either. 

Even with an automated cleaning system, it requires less energy to operate because a once-daily cycle is more than sufficient to take care of a fibreglass pool. So, the long-term maintenance costs are few, and the short-term maintenance costs are lower than a traditional swimming pool. The operational costs are also lower. 

Plan for Additional Costs 

As with any major investment, you have to consider the potential for additional costs that could arise during the process. There are often snagging issues that increase costs, or problems that don’t make themselves known until they crop up during the excavation process. So, a contingency budget is a must. 

Landscaping is a cost that many people forget to consider, and that includes fencing and paving. New South Wales requires secure fencing around residential pools, so it’s not a cost you can ignore. 

It’s important to be realistic but to imagine the “worst-case” end of the budgeting scale so that you’re prepared for anything. 

Final Thoughts

Swimming pools are expensive, but with careful budgeting, you can make your summertime dreams come true. When you sit down to consider your options think about the size of the pool you want, what you need, and what you can afford. The size of your backyard will also be a factor, but with right placement, any sized pool can look the part. 

Don’t forget to factor in the long-term savings that comes with opting for fibreglass. As big of an initial investment as a fibreglass swimming pool is, it doesn’t squeeze your pocket in ongoing maintenance costs the way other pools do. 

When we provide you with a quote, it will be a detailed outline of the costs involved from start to finish so you can budget thoroughly and avoid nasty surprises. 

Contact Aquify Pool Builders 

Fibreglass pool costs vary, but reach out to Aquify Pools, Fibreglass Pool Company, today to discuss your fibreglass pool installation and get a detailed quote. 

We’re committed to helping you achieve your dream, and we can help you do that within your financial means. If you need financial assistance to make your swimming pool dream come true, we can help you with documents like insurance, proposals, quotes, plans, approved plans, and site progress reports. Contact Aquify Pools today to learn more.